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A Bird's Eye View on Inspections

We can now examine hard-to-reach areas of a building or a site without ladders or lifts, using a drone. Roof inspections, façade inspections, and structural damage evaluations can all be accomplished in less time without putting our personnel at risk on a steep roof, partially collapsed building or inaccessible portion of a site.
The drone also lets us scan a larger area in less time, and preserve a photographic record of the inspection for later examination and assessment in the office. We can use the drone footage to identify the problem, map out the scope of the damaged area, and examine the details of the damage.
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How Hard Can it Be?

Until very recently, while we could answer that question about material hardness in the lab, we could not answer it in the field. Now, with the recent acquisition of a Proceq Equotip UCI Live portable hardness tester, we can evaluate material hardness in the field.
One recent application of this field-testing technology was to a building that had been damaged by fire. There was a question as to whether the steel bar joists supporting the roof of the 1-story building had been affected by the heat of the fire. Visual examination showed no bowing or other distortion of the joists, but to answer the question definitively, we employed the hardness tester.
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